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Hitachi Elevator Asia Pte. Ltd.

Singapore Elevators Modernisation


Even if you maintain it appropriately, an elevator or escalator system comes to the end of its service life, just as other building equipment does. As more advanced technology continues to be introduced with the passage of time, leading to old parts being forced out by the industry, it is inevitable that old models would eventually become out-dated.

Our "Modernisation" program provides a fast and cost effective way to improve the reliability, safety, and energy-saving performance of old elevators along with new functionalities. To reduce budget constraints or minimize disruptions to service, we offer various modernisation options to integrate changes at once or in phases.

Hitachi Elevator Asia also provides a variety of options for aging elevators such as Control System Modernisation, Interior Design Modernisation, and Complete Modernisation in a short period. We recommend this refurbishing service for any old elevators.

When is modernisation required?

The following diagram describes the state of the normal mechanism breakdown. If an elevator gets into the Attrition Stage, the frequency of breakdown will also increase. Therefore, modernisation should take place before the Attrition Stage.

Hitachi Modernisation Services

Benefits of Modernisation

  • Far-reaching improvements in elevator systems due to micro-computerisation of control systems and inverter conversion of motors, among other changes to improve the control systems of elevators.
  • Energy savings resulting from fine control of the elevator system's condition.
  • An older elevator model may negatively impact the image of a building, which can be improved by modernisation.
  • Social requirements such as access and ease of use for differently abled people can be met fully through the use of modernized elevators.